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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Thirteen Things about YOUR NAME

1…. It's Jennifer
2. Middle name is your basic Lee, not Leigh, or anything else remotely feminine. Thanks, mom and dad.
3. I think one time I read that Jennifer meant "white wave." Hmmm... yeah, I got nothing on that one.
4. I think Jennifer actually means "loves ice cream and walks along the beach"
5. The Alpha and Omega knew my name before I was born, even before this apparently highly popular name was invented.
6. It is of Welsh origin, and its meaning is "fair one" - meaning, I don't cheat in Monopoly.
7. Some call me Jen
8. I can generally tell someone who has known me since childhood, or is friends with my parents, by which name they call me.
9. That would be "Jenny"
10. I once had the nickname "Pokey"
11. I tend to have a dysfunctional relationship with the clock.
12. My name in high school Spanish class was "Juanita" (pronounced by my teacher as waaaaaah-knee-ta). Would rather have gone with plain, masculinely-spelled Lee, thankyouverymuch.
13. Apparently, it seems as if Jennifer took an exreme nose-dive in popularity between 2004 and 2005 in BC Canada. What gives??


Mamma Sarah said...

I may have to try this one next week. I don't know if I could come up with 13 things about my name! :-)

Susan said...

1. Susan-
2. Oh Susannah, Sue, Susie, Snooze, Sooze, Suzanne (my MIL calls me this...hate's NOT my name), Susie-Q, Sue-Sue, Sassy, Doo-Doo-
3. Hebrew in origin. Meaning Lily-
4. Middle Name: Anne-with-an-e
5. In the names definition is the following: "Traits: Susan is described as an average woman who is wholesome, pleasant, and down to earth. Some people, though, think Susan is whiny and fussy."
6. comment from Jen (Jenny, Jennifer, Pokey) on this one :-)
7. I love, by the way, that the origin of my name is Hebrew. I feel connected with my Jewish heritage...mainly Jesus...and my name origin just makes it cooler
8. If I had to choose my own name, it would most likely be Alexandra (regally stated), and Alex for short.
9. Choosing our children's names was THE MOST DIFFICULT THING I HAVE EVER DONE IN MY ENTIRE LIFE BAR NONE. The girl...she was easy. Sarah. Also of Hebrew origin. The boys...oy. They both left the hospital without a mother was HORRIFIED. She was sure this would scar them for life. (We ended up with Shawn and Brett, btw...not because we both liked the names but because we both disliked them the I can't imagine them ever being named anything else.)
10. We stopped having children after boy #2 (the third child) because of the anxiety related to the thought of having to name another boy. Again, a girl would have been easy...Jessica.
11. We named all three children with names that couldn't be shortened to nick-names. When we announced our daughter would be named "Sarah"...FIL immediately shouted out, "Sally". I immediately shouted out to my husband to put an end to it this instant or there would be huge, huge, trouble in paradise.
12. Russell is my husband...Russ, Rusty, Rah-Rah (thank you nieces and nephews) and Rascal.
13. I definitely think my fave nickname has been Sassy...thank you Rhonda-Roo!