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Thursday, June 7, 2007

The company I keep (though longing to get rid of!)...

Ok. Enough is enough and I am freaking out. Just killed a spider. Now, normally (as if there is such a thing in cat-herder land...) spiders are not a huge issue - sometimes I even let them crawl on a piece of paper and then fling them back into the natural world from whence they came. But today.

Today. Is. Different.

Allow me to list the company I am keeping.

Recently found evidence that a distant, suburbian relative of Mickey is camping out in our snack drawer while I am in peaceful sleep. Found a fruit roll-up with a hole in the package and a couple of bite marks - thought it was strange that Katie would sample and put back. Then noticed a baggie of pistachio nuts had a suspicious hole in it and a lone nut randomly left in the haste of retreat. Hmmmm..... DH emptied said drawer and left traps (which remain emtpy). That part of the house is now dead to me. Which is unfortunate because it is where I keep my food. (stomach growling).

Killed TWO wasps in the house - am thinking there is a nest somewhere.

This morning, walked outside to find swarming termites on the front step. I think there is actually a village being established - pretty sure I saw some mini election signs and a traffic light. Captured some in a plastic bag and called Terminix.

Now a spider? PLEASE. I am starting to feel like I have walked into the nature channel. I have walls. And windows. And a door! for goodness sakes. All these should indicate a level of boundaries. Boundaries that should not be breached by wild animals.

And yet, I am sharing space with animals without names. Ugh.

Makes me want to go shopping. And I am itchy.


fuzzytop said...

Hi Jen,

At our house, it is ants.... A constant parade of ants in the kitchen, the bathroom, and just last week, in the laundry room. I've tried every type of ant bait, etc I can find, to no avail. Any my dear sweet husband, who hates the ants as much as I do, ventured into the crawl space and sprayed foam insulation (this is what he does for a living) under the kitchen and laundry areas to seal of any entry from the crawl space. And we still have ants.... AAArrrrgggghhhhhhhh!!!!!

When we moved into this house last year there were mice, but those were easy to get rid of compared to these pesky ants.

I feel for you!


Susan said...

As you know, Shawn is a frequent roomie of mice in the basement. The kitchen, however, is a totally different story. I don't go into Shawn's room, but I DO frequent the kitchen. Catch that little guy/gal/family...that's right...where there's one...there's ten! (high pitched hysterical evil laughter...)

P.S. Love you!